Jersey Shore Rapper Great Gio Drops Savage! | @GioAchurra

Great Gio

Jersey Shore rapper Great Gio takes a stab at greatest with Savage!, a quirky video that preys on simplicity. The self-directed visual, filled with aggressive lyricism, macho bravado, and humor, is a vast difference from the high energy, multi-scene visuals typical of rap videos today.

Bursting with sarcasm and dry humor, Gio’s Savage! has a similar vibe of the Lonely Island‘s visuals; opening the doors for more diversity amongst Hip-Hop and rap artists. Gio’s incredibly funny yet passive acting style in the video plays on the same emotion as shows like The Office; creating an illusion of words and video.

A newcomer to the industry, Great Gio sets an excellent impression with Savage! and leaves listeners wondering what’s next for the Jersey Shore rap artist.