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Getting to Know Doggie Diamonds. An interview by T.C.H The Author

T.C.H. The Author: Mr. Gregory Lewis, It’s an honor to be interviewing you at this moment and thank you for your time.. You’re highly respected in the Hip Hop Community as one of the voices that get the news out there to the people.  How does That Make you feel?

Gregory Lewis: It feels good knowing that I have a reputable platform for people to tell their story. Also that many people trust me enough with their story and know, via my platform, their words will reach the masses. It’s still amazing to see a conversation I had with someone, go viral. I love it.

T.C.H. The Author: You have been a success in this industry for a long time. co-founder of Forbez DVD to working on the come up DVD. and now you have the Doggie Diamonds platform.  I’m sure the people will love to hear what made you want to get in the business of entertainment?

Gregory Lewis: I used to videotape my groups performances to make sure we  had a tight show. So it went from me filming my crew to filming other crews and doing videos. Also when I was younger in school, I used to write plays and short stories and read it in front of the class. So it only made sense for me to let the world know I had a gift at some point.

T.C.H. The Author: Back when you were coming up the internet wasn’t as big as it is today. how would you explain the difference between the way it is now compared to yesteryears?

Gregory Lewis: Being from the streets it took a looooooooooong time for my peers (the street dudes) to embrace the internet. So when I would be telling them the things I was working on, they would be like, “what’s a dot com?” That and how disrespectful people are on the internet for no reason.  The good is, you can reach many people with a push of a button because all walks of life are computer savvy these days.

T.C.H. The Author: In the podcast world, we have different types of personalities to choose from.  From watching your podcast interviews I see that it’s more of a conversation piece rather than being an interrogation. Do you think that makes you stand out from the rest?

Gregory Lewis: YES! I founded the conversational style of interviews because i never wanted the person to feel under attack. I never wanted them to feel like I was setting them up for headlines or trying to trick them, to exploit them. So I took the approach like old homies just building on current or past events. 


T.C.H. The Author: Since starting Doggie Diamonds in 2016. As of now 2019 where do you see the platform 5 years from now? There’s an embracement of being Independent do you see yourself staying independent or partnering up with a network to hit mainstream?

Gregory Lewis: In five years hopefully  I would fulfil my bucket list of people I want to interview. It’s a short list so it’s very possible. So that would be, Dame Dash, AZ (the rapper), Nas, Joe Rogan and Dr. Dre. And independence is important to me, but the perception of people think you’re not successful unless you’re on a “major” network. Even though ALL of the “major” networks are still on youtube. But I got some surprises in store. I just did a situation with a company I co-own (along with my partner Norman “Big” Steele ) called Digital Soapbox Network with Entercom/ for our podcast network. So dealing with more majors is in the cards for the future.

T.C.H. The Author: I took notice of the video that went viral when speaking on the Illuminati Rituals with Ali Vegas. How did that change the direction of your platform? and are you willing to speak on any Rituals you were asked to go through if any?

Gregory Lewis: It CHANGED a lot. Never in a million years did I think I would have an interview with Ali Vegas with that topic garner 3.5M views on MY youtube. And i capitalized MY for a reason. It’s under my name on my channel. The only other person in the genre to do that many numbers is DJ Vlad and he has 3M subscribers. So that shows the masses that I’m capable of putting some big stats on the board. The things I saw/see is in plain sight. But it has become so normalized that it’s not even abnormal anymore (still is to me). People doing and saying ANYTHING for fame and fortune. Nothing is taboo or off limits when it comes to “getting on” with these people. I’m not with it. I’m not willing to give up my manhood or dignity to “get on”. You see these guys “get on” and their pants get tighter, their clothes get weirder, they start wearing funny hats and shoes. All I say is, “yea, they got him”. 

T.C.H. The Author: Who Is Gregory Lewis?

Gregory Lewis: Gregory Lewis is a multi-talented, intelligent, well read person who doesn’t really like people. Now that might sound funny based off how I come off in interviews and on social media, but that’s not Gregory Lewis, that’s Doggie Diamonds. Gregory Lewis is who I am, Doggie Diamonds is who I become once those shades go on and it’s time to work. 

T.C.H. The Author: What would you tell a young kid out there that wants to be in media?

Gregory Lewis:  Be yourself, study those who were out before you. And find out who VJ Ralph McDaniels is and always pay homage. Also do what you feel is in your heart. Get your stories and always display class when you’re representing your brand. If you’re doing it just for “views’ and controversy that’s cool. But know it can also get your physically harmed one day. People are very sensitive about how they’re portrayed to the public.

T.C.H. The Author: What’s the most exciting thing you ever did or witness in your career?

Gregory Lewis: First was witnessing this guy named Fat Chris turn into Biggie Smalls turn in to Notorious BIG and the world saying he was one of the greats. Like I knew it growing up with him (Biggie) on the local level, but for the whole world to see it and say it was mind blowing. Also witnessing the birth of the wave with Max B. The interview I did with him on the Come Up DVD changed the way interviews were done forever. The entertainment level was non-stop in that one.

T.C.H. The Author: Do you regret anything?

Gregory Lewis: I don’t live with regrets because I learn from everything and try not to repeat the same mistakes. But if I had to choose, I would be that I did beats full time. I wish I was more of a producer than a media person. It’s easy for me to make music, I just don’t have the time like I used to. The media takes over more, so I rarely find the time to sit back and create. My first true love is to create music. Media comes probably 3rd on my list.

T.C.H. The Author: What’s your take on the R.kelly situation?

Gregory Lewis: R. Kelly is a piece of shit to me.  And I won’t use the “what about them” defense to justify his actions. Also I won’t use the “taking the black man down” conspiracy to justify his actions. What about is accusers? Aren’t they young black girls? Makes no sense.

T.C.H. The Author: How can people get in touch with you?

Gregory Lewis: I’m on ALL Social media platforms as Doggie Diamonds. That’s twitter, instagram, facebook and snapchat. I respond to EVERYONE, especially if it’s about busine$$. Also I have a youtube channel called “Doggie Diamonds TV” also a podcast on iTunes and spotify called “Doggie Diamonds No Filter”

T.C.H. The Author: Well, Mr. Gregory Lewis. I thank you for your time. Appreciate the conversation.  I’m sure the world knows more than what they didn’t know before. Here at Hip Hop Headquarters, we appreciate people like you that’s about the culture and appreciates the world of entertainment. May more success come your way, until next time my friend

Gregory Lewis:  Thanks for having me on this platform 


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