Dubbed Complex’s ‘Best New Artist of 2019’, Atlanta rapper GRIP follows up with an understated video, shot by Shaun Matos, for single release “BREGMA Freestyle”.


Known for his conscientious storytelling and attention to detail through his lyrics, the rapper decided to go the more subtle route with the video and let his rhymes do the work.


We were chilling at the crib and wanted to do something super simple being that this is just a quick freestyle record. Wanted to humanize the song by shooting this video on a regular day while we were doing regular shit,” explains GRIP.


From the Eastside of Atlanta, Georgia, the American rapper started making a name for himself in 2017 with debut conceptual project ‘Porch’. Tagged as “Atlanta’s Next Great Storyteller” (Pigeons & Planes), GRIP is quickly becoming a person of note.


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