Grip – Portraits (feat. Dani & Kaynellz) | @Grip_SS |



Grip is an indie hip hop artist from East Atlanta, GA making a powerful introduction with his debut project “Porch”. “Porch” was released late last year and has since been catching the attention of hip hop industry heavy hitters cause its undeniable production and profound lyrics that chronicle the trials of his everyday life as a black man in Atlanta.

“These Eyes” is the first single released off this body of work serving as the perfect introduction to who Grip is and where he comes from. Where he comes from does not sound pretty but some how he manages to wrap it in a catchy package that does not feel heavy or depressing. In fact, you want to listen again and again and again. That just one of the many incredible records on this project.

“Porch” is really a coming of age story told through composition accompanied by orchestral samples and choruses that get stuck in your head like your favorite song after one listen. Its hard to think Grip has been writing since 2016 and just deciding, in this climate, he is ready to let the world hear his prospective. His movement “Stray Society” is a steadily growing movement in ATL influencing its supporters to embrace their true self no matter their struggle and stray from hyped up trends that so often isolate the youth.