Gros Dinero – “Trifecta” (Mixtape)


 who is Gros Dinero

With a spoken word type of flow, Gros Dinero doesn’t value one project over another; with all due respect the record at the moment is your greatest hit and with his eyes set on the prize best believe the Most High comes first, then the studio then the shows.

Born in Brooklyn, yet molded and bred in Southside Jamaica Queens; from an early age Gros Dinero knew the stage was his rightful place. defining performing as the only trip he wants to be on, yet he feels there aren’t enough platforms for artists to showcase their talents. “It also depends on the artist’s drive; a car with a full tank of gas will take you as far as you want to go as long as you press the pedal.  But you still have to press the pedal; the car is not going to move on its own”.

Gros ambitions are self-motivated yet he has a coloration of heavy hitting collaborations with Hip Hop legend Mr. Cheeks, Royal Flush, Tony Sunshine, Nanci Fletcher, and House Legend Ira Levi.  He’s also done momentous teaming up with some of the most extraordinaire underground artists there is;  Freaky Kah son of Lost Boyz very own legendary Freaky Tah, Kenslay Da God, Je$ Dollaz, Lyrikal, Budda Early, SirPrize, Bangz Boulevard, CEO Reem, Eleana Rivas, Jodie Stack Bricks, Boe Skaggz, Twan Da Dude, Spazz, International Nova, Holiday The Golden Child, Lady Q, ML, Farrah, Notez, E-Pull, B Morgan, Young Cassius, Scruge, iFresh, Marvelous while also featuring on a remix track with Papoose.

i present to you his mixtape titled “Trifecta