Gypsy – “I’m So Savage” |

I’m So Savage by Gypsy is a breath of fresh air for Hip Hop, and Pop fans. Gypsys’ sound is a break from all of the trap beats and raps about how much money and cars everyone has. She puts out a more positive, conscious, awakened vibe. The beats are Fire, with just enough Gypsy gangsta feel to keep everyone listening and bouncing. Even gypsy says, “I’m a thug cause I choose to spread love!”

Gypsy is an American Hip Hop artist who found her gift and love of Hip Hop after she Awakened to the Magic of the World. Now she spreads Love, through the Mic, one Rhyme at a time, to help heal Earth.


  1. This really pretty dope! Good write up, she is different than the rest of the stuff out right now. She’s got some other good stuff too.


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