Multi-dimensional artist Gypsy returns today with a vibrant music video to her latest hit single “Made of Steel” that takes her fans on a magical journey from the colorful streets of Los Angeles to the soothing sounds of the ocean. Directed by Ignacio Gonzalez, the visual follows the phenomenal Teflon Blonde as she delivers powerful lyricism surrounded by street art leaving each viewer spellbound. Every little thing Gypsy shares with the world is magic, shining a light and finding beauty in even the darkest, and seemingly mundane moments.

“It was an enchanting day in which a lot of the story told itself. Hearts and flowers seemed to magically appear.” – Gypsy

Gypsy’s single “Made of Steel” was picked up by playlist editors and music journalists all over the world – with adds to Spotify’s playlists “Global Fresh Finds”, “Blue Dream Music Group and Affiliates”, “Beach Vibes” as highlights. With her video debut, Gypsy will further manifest her solid talent and her unique role in the hip hop scene of today and for many years to come.





Spotify | Soundcloud | iTunes


Produced By: Matty Beats

Directed/Video Editing by: Ignacio Gonzalez Media LLC

Hair and Makeup by:  Kayleigh Walker

Published: Magic Earth Records



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