Haløver wants to prove haters wrong with her new song “They Ain’t Got It Right”

After being rejected, looked down countless times as a musician, Haløver and Jiroe got together to write a song about not giving up and always believing in your art and dreams.

“I remember back in school when I would tell my teachers that I wanted to be a full time musician, they would laugh at me and tell me that it is not a real profession and I should stop playing around… Or when people would talk behind my back saying that my voice is not good enough, that my songs are boring and my face isn’t photogenic enough; It wasn’t easy to keep believing in myself. This song is for those moments when you feel down but deep inside you know “They Ain’t Got It Right” and you keep pushing towards your goal.”

Haløver brings us a combination of urban pop with an uplifting melody. The lyrics of the song will resonate with all of those who struggle on a daily basis with the stereotypes in every industry.

The official video is set to be released on April 12.



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