Halsey – Gasoline Remix by Loyal Hustle

LoyalHustle is a producer duo from Europe. Mr. Loyal and Mr. Hustle both share a history in Caribbean sound system culture. They used to be on stage together for almost a decade. Fed up with all the success they split apart. While Loyal retreated to a monastery in the Himalayas for a couple of years, Hustle went on to become a monkey tamer for a Norwegian circus company. One day while looking at the northern lights his phone rang. A high pitched distorted voice told him: “Go to Anamã and follow the dolphin.” At the same time Loyal was in a deep meditation. He saw a bright pink light and before his inner eyes a dolphin appeared and said: “To the amazonas you shall go”.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later Hustle finds himself sitting in boat on River Panará Arara. A river dolphin danced around his boat, becoming faster and faster, he tried to keep up. Not sure if it was a feverish dream, he saw his old friend Loyal, sitting and meditating at the riverside.

They both did not know what all this meant, but they decided to grab a coffee and eat some toast. It did not take long until they both opened up their laptops to finally produce a next hit after more than a decade.


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