Henny The Don Ft AHK 2Gs – “There’s No Love” | @Hennythadon |

Henny The Don explains why “There’s No Love” in new video with AHK 2Gs

Henny The Don. A New York R&B soldier shows that the genre is not only for love songs but the struggle as well. From the mean streets of NYC where it’s difficult to get any recognition because of the hate and the selfish attitudes of the people. Henny explains why there is no love like how it used to be. The artist continues his mission throughout being on the grind for years trying to get to the top. From doing songs with max b in his earlier years getting that co-sign to remixes your favorite tracks in the late 2000’s.

Henny The Don shares a relatable message of the how this would seem to be. People only help you and come around when you on your feet. People don’t care to see you do better than them and hate on your come up while praying on your downfall. Not everybody understands that the only way to win is to combine and climb the ladder to progression as a team.

The Don elaborates on the many fake people display from family and friends and the many people he encounters. No matter what you do, you can never expect the same love you give to be received. A song and video that adds up coming from the struggle and storytelling. Explaining his story to his homie (featured artist and producer) AHK 2Gs.

See his story by watching the video above and see why there’s no love, but he get’s so much.  Follow The rhythm and gangsta artist as well, @Hennythadon



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