Hidden vs. A Dude Named Drew – Onslaught | @HiddenRoad_Stu |



HiddenRoad Studios 7th release finds Hidden matched against A Dude Named Drew to explore the darker side of human nature.

HiddenRoad Studios is a Hip-Hop Brand/Label. Everything released on HiddenRoad Studios is unique, and each project is unique in its own way. Rather than try to develop one consistent sound across all projects, each HiddenRoad Studios project has its own sound and theme. Spanning from Soulful Jazzy boom bap to hardcore Metal sample based tracks, ranging from the Wild West to Feudal Japan, HiddenRoad Studios aims to thrust the listener into the setting of each project much the same as a classic movie or novel. Head on over tohttps://HiddenRoadStudios.BandCamp.Com and experience it today.. all projects are available for free download, and also on CD for an affordable price.