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Hire some help to succeed in your career

What they don’t want “YOU” to know about the music industry 


This Music Industry is full of plugs (middle men)! You just have to know which one to look for without getting electrocuted. Some have the power to energize your career (well they all have power to give you power). Some are energy efficient while others simply skyrocket your bill. The choice is yours to decide who you wanna spend your money with.

In an industry that’s based upon who you know, not what you know, it’s best to know who to know to get a better understanding of what you should know. From publicists, bloggers, journalists, managers, booking agents, radio promoters, etc.; they’re all middle men/women (marketers) that play a major part in an artist career to elevate them to ultimate success.

The cats out the bag: We all know talent doesn’t matter. it’s all in how you stand out from the rest. This industry is 80% business, 20% music.

You often hear the question, what’s your budget? (Don’t you cringe when you hear that?) Although the budget that the (Marketeer) asks for is for one reason and one reason only. How much do you have for me to help you build your project? In other words, use my connections to assist you the best way possible. Most importantly, depending on how much you spend will determine how far you can and will go.

The indie market is full of plugs (marketeers) middle men/women that have connections that you (the artist) don’t have. You as the artist must pay a fee to get you in the door that’s locked. Look at it this way if you are looking for an apartment (exposure) you must pay a security deposit (fee) and 1st and last months rent in order to get the keys to that apartment so you can call it your home (exposure).

Now you know what they don’t want you to know. So use this advice to get the keys to your apartment (the right exposure) in an industry with so many avenues, streets and roadblocks. Your key to major success is to get in the door no matter what.

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