Hollowlove – “Particle & Wave” (radio edit) | @hollowlovemusic |

Particle & Wave is the summer 2019 single release from HOLLOWLOVE. Pairing a slow and heavy beat with yearning, emotional vocals, Particle & Wave speaks to the duality of our experience and our apparent isolation from one another. Hollowlove themselves provide new radio and extended mixes, and a new more upbeat synthpop remix comes courtesy of the award-winning Darwinmcd.

HOLLOWLOVE is an award-winning independent electropop duo from Vancouver Canada. Think Junior Boys meet Pet Shop Boys.

Producer Keith Gillard & vocalist / illustrator Ryan Slemko are Canadian Independent Music Award winners, whose independent debut album has risen to #4 in the Canadian national electronic charts, & #22 in the US (NACC).

Hollowlove pairs alternating soaring or hushed vocals with analog synthesizers and original sounds, with no samples used. The focus is on mood & atmosphere, celebrating the frayed but sexy edges of life: existential angst, despair, vulnerability, hope, love, & dance.

Hollowlove won Best Album & Best Song (for “I Love My Computer”) in the 2019 Clouzine International Electronic Music Awards. The album was named the top synthwave album of May 2019 by Ghostpile Records, who also awarded “I Love My Computer” best single of April 2019. “Computer” also made the top 10 Synthwave Chart & has hit #1 at several college radio stations. The “Hollowers” fanbase has grown with each release, over 40,000 as of June 2019.


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