YouTube celebrity Andrew Rea, known for his online cooking channel Binging with Babish, launched a fundraising challenge in honor of Garmt van Soest from Utrecht, who recently passed away from the consequences of ALS. The goal of the Hot Pepper Challenge is to raise as much funds and awareness as possible for the fatal disease.

Garmt van Soest was an early fan of Binging with Babish. He reached out when he only had a few thousand subscribers, offering him encouragement, ideas, and inspiring words. He even gave him the idea for the Big Kahuna Burger episode from Pulp Fiction. Garmt was also suffering from the later stages of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS – he wrote a blog where he detailed his experience, peppered with a humor, positivity, and bravery. He started fundraisers, spoke at events, and continually inspired and enlivened everyone around him, including himself. Garmt died on Monday, October 23rd.

He inspired Babish to take that campaign in a different direction – the hot pepper challenge. The concept is the same – nominate your friends and family to endure, instead of a bucket of ice water, a pepper as hot as they can handle – the hotter the pepper, the less money they’re required to donate. No matter what, each nominee must nominate 3 others to take the challenge. He hopes that this will help raise funds and awareness for the ALS Association, a great organization doing important work researching the disease. Moreover, he hopes that he can play a small part in helping to spread Garmt’s message of strength and hope. Please share! Challenge Guidelines:

Anaheim Pepper: $20 minimum donation

Jalapeno Pepper: $10 minimum donation

Habanero Pepper: $5 minimum donation

Anything Spicer: $0 minimum donation + Nominate 3 friends