HVRCRFT | TripleHQ Exclusive Interview | @IAMHVRCRFT |

HVRCRFT Hip Hop Headquarters sits down with San Francisco and Los Angeles based trap, EDM and club DJ/producer HVRCRFT.

What’s your favorite beat ever and why?

My favorite beat ever is Nas’s ‘One Love’ just due to the simplicity of the beat and the depth of what Nas is talking about.  Song just never gets old to me.

Describe the typical HVRCRFT fan.

Anyone that goes to festivals and EDM club events really but also fans into various genres but have a preference for dubstep and trap when they go out and want to get crazy wherever they are.

What track of yours do you think you should go down in history for and why?

The Run Cities remix I did just because my PR buddy James Dece likes it.

What was the most memorable experience you had while creating your fiery track “How We Do”?

Being in Vegas with my buddy DJ SPAIR and just going through various samples and finding the one that stuck.

How do you balance being a Dj and an artist? Is it hard combining trap and EDM with hiphop?

Being a DJ and Artist is difficult as you have to focus on both with limited time but by managing my time in an efficient way I am able to cross both boundaries.  I think EDM is already at a place where people are open to mixing the genres as long as the energy is right and the music moves people.  If you think about current hiphop music, it is all basically at the same tempo anyways so it mixes seemlessly into what’s poppin now.