The scenery of “Ain’t No Sun” video prepares you for a visual journey that sets IamDuss in a lane of his own. From the dilapidated church to the dismal lighting and dark angles, Director Brandon Holmes captured the true essence of living in a place with no sun. The despair and gray mood that stems from the visual, IamDuss delivers a great performance scene and becomes apart of the visual, not just telling the story but living in it. Ain’t No Sun story is told perfectly and visualized to see from a unique perspective.

IamDuss is making some noise and is catching his wave with his upcoming project “Me, Myself and My Thoughts.” Produced by CSick (Nas, Meek Mill, King Louie), IamDuss has been prepping to release a string of music that can be defined as introspective but appealing. His new video shows multiple cinematic angles but catches the energy of the single


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