IAmKevo & Hono Have Their Eyes On The Prize For “I Want It” | @ImKevo_ |



St. Louis rapper IAmKevo is quite frank when it comes to getting what he wants. Check out his latest joint, “I Want It”, produced by¬†Newsince –

Kevo began his early life as an emcee at age 11, being that he came from a musical family. Although his family was very into music, Kevo didn’t come up like the typical teen. His father ended up serving a bid, leaving him fatherless for years. In 2009, Kevo and Luh Dave formed a group called 3rdgree.

Kevo began a mentorship with Robby Jerome and Koran Bolden and has done amazing things in the community with the youth such as; School programs, music for corporations, etc. With a mission to change the music industry and its listeners one person at a time. He is definitely on a quest to becoming one of the best to ever do it, and he is not letting anything or anyone stop him from achieving greatness