IDA KUDO Releases “Paradise”

The danish electronic pop-artist IDA KUDO, is now ready with her new and powerful single ‘Paradise’.

On the new single IDA KUDO is trying to cope with her own big inner cotrasts and sometimes distruptive feelings, and accepting them as a creative force:

“The sing is written with an irony; a landscape that is barren, deserted, full of rain, thunder and storm – where we dance on our worn-out feet in my own dessert. The song ‘Paradise’ is a way to break with the tidiness of the world and accept that in my inner landscape there is heavy changes in the weather and i still acknowledge it as my paradise. Even through it is ungraceful!

The full bodied production and vivid lyrics about a stormy paradise, proves that IDA KUDO is a strong, unique and relevant ingredient on todays music scene.


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