The I.D.Y.L.L.Z Ride A New Wave With PEACE Album | @Doeidyllz

The I.D.Y.L.L.Z

Mixing a perpetual blend of old school and new school sounds, Midwest Hip Hop trio The I.D.L.L.Y.Z prepare to ride a new wave with their free album PEACE.

Comprised of JayR The Prince, Freenzy and D-Rock, The I.D.Y.L.L.Z have been perfecting their signature sound and moving music around the St. Louis and Chicago areas since 2010. Priding themselves on mixing genres to create a new vibe, The I.D.Y.L.L.Z (Individuals Dudes You Love to Listen 2) beautifully mesh Pop, spoken word, and Jazz with new and old school Hip Hop elements to create something fresh, funky and diverse!

PEACE is a call to action! Infused with dynamic lyricism, flavorful features and a St. Louis swag unmatched in any other city, The I.D.L.L.Y.Z stay true to the beat; reinventing the magical feeling the floods listeners when the lyrics and the rhythm sink perfectly to create a musical masterpiece.


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