“Synchronize” is funk/disco song made with real instruments and is also the title track to Ike Rann’s album that will be released in October. The song is about closeness – or in other words – “One touch can say more than a 1000 words”. It’s recorded with 10-piece live band consisting of a brass section, violin, cello and organ in addition the more typical instruments.

What is the song about? “A lot of people feel disconnected and lonely. Somehow, we are not sharing life in general. That’s also why I went on a journey for 3 years around the world – to connect to myself and hopefully figure out, how not feel lonely in world which is as big as ours,”

“Sometimes we forget to just be with each other – and ask in a sincere way – How are you REALLY doing? I think everyone needs closeness – even though sometimes we don’t how to express it,” says Ike Rann.

Ike Rann grew up in sunny Los Angeles, California as a child of classical composer and opera singer from Estonia.

After the iron curtain came down, they moved back to Estonia. At the age of 17 he started working professionally as a singer – fronting rock and funk bands. After opening the show for the Rival Sons in 2013 in Heidelberg, Germany he felt a need to strive towards an international audience.

He released his first EP as solo artist in 2015 called “LiveLoveLaugh”. The song “Genius” from the EP won a songwriting competition on BBC Radio. After that he moved to London, to start working with the local songwriting scene.

In 2016 he gave up his apartment and almost everything he had and went to travel the world. In 3 years he visited 25 countries with only a backpack and a guitar to accompany him. While travelling, he was writing songs and gathering inspiration for his upcoming full-length soul album “Synchronize”.


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