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ILLHD is a rapper/filmmaker originally from Indianapolis, IN who sees the world in a unique way. His visual creative process means that he’s always working on new material, even when he’s working on someone else’s project as a cameraman. “I’m a filmmaker that raps about what I film, even if I’m filming another artist it’s like I am filming the soundtrack to what I see. Then I rap about it,” he explains about his workflow.

ILLHD started his career working in Indianapolis and has since expanded his radius, working all over the country, including Atlanta, where he’s currently based. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, and every experience has influenced his music. From his first project in 2009, “Hungry” when he began documenting the subculture of the underground hip-hop scene, to his 2016 project “King of the ILL” he has continued to grow as an artist. His latest project, “Focus,” is the culmination of ILLHD’s years of hard work. “I know that I have a story of inspiration and I can change the world,” says ILLHD, speaking about the message behind the music. Check out “Focus” here.

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