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Hip Hop Headquarters sits down with Brooklyn, New York rapper Immo DTS for an exclusive interview. 

How was the experience of conceptualizing and producing your first every music video?

It was a learning experience for real. I had been in videos before, but I was never the director. This time I had to put everything together. I had to find the locations, rent the cameras, and figure out how it was going to be shot, all while being in the video myself. This wasn’t easy. Especially since this was my first time doing it. I made a lot of mistakes and had to recover from those mistakes. Then I had the task of editing, that was crazy. But in the end, it all worked out.

 Are you working on a new album? Who’s involved and how will it differ from the new records out these days?

I already have my project complete, I am just releasing records from it before I drop the project. I wanted to have a couple of singles out before I release it. It will be a lot different from everything out there. I don’t rap or sound like a lot of the people out there. My song topics are different, my raps and flow are different and my sound is unique. I take pride in standing out. The people on this project are my crew, of course, Amerikou, Ehl, and Jah. I have songs with them on the album. I have songs from Digitalbeatz, XO Major, and Kloudnine just to name a few. All of the beats are different from each other too, which I like. A lot of dope people are on this CD, I can’t wait.

immo dts
You rep hard for your Trini culture. Do you go back often? How do you feel you fit in over there?

Of course, Big ups to my people. But I am as American as it comes man lol. I was born here so I am very much a New Yorker. I try to keep close to the culture though. The parties that I try to go to usually have Caribbean music being played.  It’s funny because Labor Day is approaching, so I will be on the parkway soon.

What’s your favorite non-rap album of all time and why?

I actually listen to WHOLE LOT of rock n roll. It’s probably my 2nd most favorite genre of music, Hip-hop being first. I couldn’t really choose one album in particular but Led Zeppelin are amongst my favorite. The Killers too. I used to listen to a lot of Maroon 5’s earlier music, which a lot of rock fans consider to be soft rock/pop. It would be hard for me to choose a favorite.

 What do you think surprises listeners the most about you?

It’s funny you ask this because what I actually think surprises listeners the most about me is the fact that I am ACTUALLY GOOD! Lol. I know this sounds bad to say but there are so many bad rappers out there or rappers that sound exactly the same that they are shocked that I actually sound good. They expect me to rap like everyone else and I don’t. But I have to admit that even when people tell me they rap I don’t look forward to hearing them all the time. I think too many people are into rapping because it’s a chance for them to get paid a lot of money, rather than being into rap because they love music and rapping. So I can’t blame them.


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