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Press Kits are the resume of artists, and the purpose of them is to give media outlets an insight of where your work has been talked about. Artists spend so many countless hours wasted on spamming outlets via social media than actually just getting one done. Yes, hiring a full time publicist is the best way to go, but sometimes you can hire one just for that.

Say you hire a marketing team or a publicist to send out a release, when they (they should) hit you back with a spread sheet on where you were featured, their job is to generate quotes from each media outlet about how they reviewed your music. They will probably provide you with good and bad feedback. The good should definitely be put on your press kit.

Yes, some sites will just copy and paste the press release, but remember who you or your team pitched the exclusive to. Some sites like TripleHQ get over 500+ submissions a day and most do not have the manpower to get to your release that second if it wasn’t pitched in advance as an exclusive. But we have a blog community and we want to use our platforms to see all artists win.

When sending out email blasts…keep a record of where you sent your exclusive pitch. Try different ones every time and build your press kit with quotes. Your publicist or marketing team should be building a spreadsheet to keep up with this information. They should be focused on your analytics and demographics (especially if you hired them full time). Providing a spreadsheet that not only shows which blogs you were on and quotes, but also providing the location for each blog helps you attack areas you never were considered. Your publicist should take those demographics and reach out to those never reached.

Blogs these days are full of politics.. Many have sold their soul to labels and will only write about things they get paid to do. Many don’t rock with TripleHQ because were not talking about the trolling rappers seeking publicity stunts. We’re not seeking clicks for money off of stories that weren’t confirmed. We just want to focus on artists that won’t get a chance because nobody guided them.

This is why we gave you a whole category on our site for Hip Hop 101

Our motto is “You Create, We Deliver”, our only mission is to make you dope.

If you need an exclusive or premiere on TripleHQ please use our contact information to let us know. We would love to feature you if you come professionally correct. We don’t need your presskit, but our team can help you build one.


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