Impulsive Hearts – ‘Cry All The Time’

Chicago’s Impulsive Hearts have been described as a smack of sunshine, jangly pop for a cold winter’s day. On Cry All The Time, the band’s second LP, the surf-rock group delves into darker themes of love and loss, while maintaining bright, fierce and catchy-as-hell songwriting.

Impulsive Hearts pick up where recent revivalist acts like Dum Dum Girls and Best Coast have left off, adding just a hint of indelible Midwestern sadness to the neo-girl group garage rock sound.

Danielle Sines leads the group with captivating vocals and fuzzy guitars, while the rhythm section – Doug Hoyer on bass and Dan Julian on drums – drives each song to its crescendo. The group is rounded out with saxophonist Fallon McDermott and violinist Jess LeMaster to add character and depth to the arrangements, creating a larger-than life sound.

Cry All the Time was officially released March 6, 2020, via Midwest Action (vinyl) and Cavity Search Records (digital).

A portion of the vinyl sales will go to Girls Rock Chicago. 


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