Inferno – Bring Me Down (prod. by PAX)

Up and coming western Sydney based Hip Hop artist Inferno is staking his claim with his new emotion fuelled single titled Bring Me Down.

Produced by PAX this raw and personal single explores the dark and serious thoughts coursing through the mind of the artist. Produced to let his vocal be the centre piece and cushioned with heavy low end and emotively driven synths this record is perfect for a late night drive to nowhere with nothing but your thoughts about what should be.

Bring Me Down now available worldwide.


INFERNO, born and raised in Western Sydney Australia, was first introduced to music at the age of 5. In 2002, Inferno’s older brother introduced him to the hip-hop genre, purchasing a collection of rap CD’s, Inferno was quickly inspired and would often learn the lyrics to every song.

At the age of 13, Inferno begun to take music as a serious career option, and used his high school to his advantage in order to show case his abilities at school talent quests and performances. At the age of 16, Inferno had released his first mixtape by pressing CD’s and selling copies to students at school, in which he would use the money he earnt from his mixtapes to invest in home studio facilities.

After graduating high school in 2014, Inferno began to perform at bar and club venues across Sydney, eventually having the opportunity to headline selected gigs.

Inferno’s long term vision is to have a significantly positive impact on Australian Hip Hop and it’s culture through his unique style of storytelling over modern instrumentals. Inferno hopes that one day he can inspire and represent his country on the Global stage through his music and build a legacy that has a generational impact on the Australian Youth, to chase their dreams and overcome barriers that get in the way of achieving their goals.


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