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Hip Hop Headquarters sat down with New Jersey emcee Venomiss to get the inside scoop on her new track, her upcoming endeavors and the ups and downs of being a woman in Hip Hop.

Check out what she had to say below.

You’re from Newark, NJ, a town known for its rough streets and hardcore demeanor. How has Newark shaped your style as an artist?

I was born in Newark New Jersey and raised throughout the surrounding
areas. We moved a lot so the place I claim as my home is Orange and East
Orange, New Jersey which is where we stayed in one place the most
time. Jersey is like no other for a Hip Hop artist.  It’s all about
lyrics and it’s very competitive.New Jersey is tough, competitive,
aggressive…Show and Prove. Although we were dirt poor, I was lucky
enough to go to a better school so I got a unique view of the top an
the bottom.  Going to a better school made me a beast of a writer.
Living in the hood while doing that gave me much more to prove.  The combination made me a hungry, aggressive and passionate!

Tell us about the name Venomiss. Where did that moniker come from?

My best friend and I were play fighting and telling jokes about oneVenomiss
another, walking down Main Street in East Orange. I just wasn’t in the
mood. He kept going and going and I turned around and screamed at him!
He stood there completely hurt. I walked on, now a block or two ahead
of him he catches up to me and says ” Damn B why you got to be so
Venomous all the time?” I adjusted the spelling when the name wouldn’t
go away…Everyone has been calling me Venomiss since I was 15 and
it fits!

In 2015, you won a major award for underground artists. How has life changed since then? Did the award have a major impact on your career?

In 2016 I won big. I brought home two Album of the Year awards at two
different Underground Awards Shows (the first female to win at both) and
I brought home the Best Collaboration and Best Female Rapper Award. It
has opened many doors. I have a total of 21 nominations country-wide.
It exposed a lot of important behind the scenes people and DJs to my
music which has helped me get the music out there. Was definitely a
dope moment.


Far Away is a dynamite record! What was the initial concept behind the song? Why’d you select Lyrik G to lace the hook?

Thank you! Far Away is a feel-good record. The song is about when you
have that moment in a relationship where you just need to take it back
to the beginning. Take your bae away and just enjoy each other someplace
quiet and peaceful and remember what you love about one another
before its too late. I wrote the R&B hook and I could envision Lyrik’s
voice singing it.  I sang it for him and he took it and ran. We had
worked together on my last album and I would definitely say choosing
him for the hook was the right choice.

The state of female lyricism in Hip Hop is a hot topic both in the mainstream and indie circuit. How do you feel about the state of women in Hip-Hop and rap right now? Are there any female artists you listen to besides yourself?

I listen to everyone! Even if I don’t like it I listen to it. IVenomiss
appreciate the differences in people’s approaches. That’s what makes
Hip Hop great, variety in subject and approach. I think we are losing
a lot of the variety these days in general with Hip Hop music. I also
think it’s a great time to be a female rapper. We are finally the main
focus as opposed to the addition to a male artist.

Both last year and this year, the #MeToo movement has taken over the entertainment industry, allowing women of all backgrounds to come forward with their truth about sexual harassment in the industry. How do you feel about this as a top female emcee from the Eastcoast? Have you ever experienced this? What advice do you have to young women and teenage girls who are embarking on a career in entertainment to help them combat this major issue?

When I was younger, I experienced situations that could have broken my
spirits. Whether it was unwanted aggressive advances, or trying to
convince me to do things I wasn’t comfortable with. It has definitely
happened. Flirting happens, so I’m not speaking of flirting.  But I
knew even at 17 that I deserved better and I refused to back down from
my beliefs. I knew that even if I went that route, there’s no
guarantee those people would even be able to deliver anything they
were trying to sell me in the first place! To the younger women coming
un after me, always resort back to your beliefs. An opportunity missed
may not have been an opportunity in the first place. The right things
will come even if it takes it a extra day or week. Don’t get
discouraged and don’t give up.

Far Away was a huge leap into 2018, what else can listeners expect from Venomiss?

I’ve got so many hot singles and visuals coming out all year leading up to a new album.  I have the video for Far Away coming very soon, I have new singles Roofie and Win coming behind, more acting, more shows, more visuals and photo shoots… It should be a very solid year!

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