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Hip Hop Headquarters sits down with Connecticut rapper and ATM Family lead artist 12 Rounz.

12 rounz

The son of a Guyanese mother and African-American father, 12Rounz uses the number 12 to represent the age he began his rap career, battle-rapping local rappers on the streets of Hartford. Other videos include “Shut Up” (watch) and “Rapido” (watch). 12 Rounz has several full-lengths under his belt including Heavy (iTunes), 2 volumes of The DutchmasterThink 12 and Too Big To Fail, all available on his DatPiff page. 12 Rounz says his new single “came from a place of fun, letting loose, turning up and not caring! It’s a record for you and your day ones, when you do you and have fun, nothing else matters.”

What has response been to Heavy versus the response to your previous records? How do you think it stands out?

Heavy was based around the word itself. From the sounds to the instruments in the production I made sure the delivery and the voice was heavy to match the music and the concepts. The response has been amazing, a lot of people gravitated to the album naturally and it allowed me to build my fanbase a great deal, with all the conceptual music on there. Heavy allowed me to show my growth and development as an artist. The producers and I put together an exclusive sound and it hit a lot harder than my previous projects.

Is “Messin With This” part of an upcoming project? What can you tell us about it?

The record was sent to me maybe a month before I wrote to it, and I knew I wanted to create something people could vibe and have fun to. Shout out to Chuck Kennedy for the production. This is a single I wanted to release to heat the streets up and start the momentum for 2017. Right now I am working on my fourth sequel to the Dutch Master series dropping 4/20.That will be a smooth project with a jazzy feel. The type to put you in a mood to relax, roll up, and light a candle.

The song sounds like a party. How was it written and recorded?

“Messin With This” is a fun record. The beat just put me in a mood to roll up and enjoy good times. Conceptually It’s just a record you would throw on before the club while you’re having a nice pregame with your day ones or those closest to you. it’s just a fun record and that’s what helped the video come together. We let the cameras roll and captured the moments organically. The song took 15 minutes to record and the video was done in one night.

What are your thoughts on the Trump presidency?

It’s a new direction for the country for sure. We really don’t know much about Trump or how he can produce as president. But right now we have to come past it. The real change starts in your community, my community, our community. As long as Donald Trump doesn’t tamper with me and mines we can be good. He will continue to do him and I do me. Barack Obama we miss you!

What’s your favorite non-rap album of all time and why?

My favorite non-rap album of all time would have to be Michael Jackson’s Bad. All I’ma say is “Dirty Diana!” I’m a big Michael Jackson fan and as I got older I started to understand his music a little more. When I go back and listen to songs like “Liberian Girl” and “Man In The Mirror” you sit back and analyze the concepts; it makes me say “damn.” Michael was a baaaaaaad boy! RIP to the greatest that ever did it.

Click Here to Watch 12 Rounz latest visual “Messin With This” 


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