Interview with Philly’s Own Shawn Archer l @iamshawnarcher

Tch: Shawn Archer! I’ve been watching your grind for a minute and paying attention to the movement and I have to say I admire your dedication. How are you today?

Shawn: Appreciate it! And I’m doing great thanks for asking.
Tch: You’re from Philly am I correct? Describe the music scene in Philly?
Shawn: Yes I’m from North Philly to be exact, and as far as the music scene goes it’s a lot of artists out here with a lot of talent, and one thing about Philly you have to be hot because if you are trash, trust me they will let you know (laughs), but the music scene is cool for the most part, of course there are some things that could be better but no need to complain, I will just play my part to make it better.
Tch: Where you’re from, a few have made it out such artists like Will Smith, Meek Mill, Cassidy, Black Thought from The Roots, and can’t forget about the 1st lady of Ruff Ryders, Eve. Do you feel you have the star power to branch out if so what makes you feel that way?
Shawn: Yes of course! I feel like everybody has something unique about them that makes them a star and I know what that thing is for me that’s why I will always stand out and with that being said I will always have a place in the sky for my star to shine!
Tch: You have been trending a lot lately over your comments saying that you’re the best in the game right now. Do you really feel like you’re the best in the game right now or did you just know that it would be a great marketing strategy to get people talking bout you?
Shawn: No I really believe it! I AM THE HOTTEST RAPPER IN THE GAME! So I feel like because the average person is too afraid to make comments like that. It makes me stand out but everything I do is authentic to who I really am as a person.
Tch: You have an upcoming project titled “Everybody Wont Make It”. Do you feel everybody wont make it once your album drops or is this a warning to all the rappers out there saying they wont make it in this industry?
Shawn: No, that’s just the harsh reality of life; everybody won’t make it, and that goes for a lot of different things in life but once you really understand that it makes it easier for you to navigate so I felt that the title was perfect for this project.
Tch : When it comes to your grind what inspires you to keep going?
Shawn: Seeing my thoughts come to life, see one thing about me is that when I envision something I won’t stop until it happens and there is no better feeling then watching your dreams come true so with that being said I will be forever inspired!
Tch: What’s your favorite song that you enjoyed the most making on your album?
Shawn: Every song on the album I enjoyed for different reasons so I will say all of them and once you hear it you will see what I mean.
Tch: Do you see yourself signed to a major? Is that the goal of you doing this music?
Shawn: It depends, for me it’s all about what makes sense everybody’s situation is different so I guess we will see but one thing for sure we are going to take my brand to the top with or without a label!
Tch: How can people find you if they want to get in contact with you?
Shawn: On Instagram & Twitter: @iamshawnarcher or
Tch: Well Shawn, we at Hip Hop Headquarters appreciate artists like yourself on the come up that’s trying to make a wave. We wish you success on your upcoming project
Shawn: Appreciate it once again, and thanks for allowing me to use your platform!

You can listen to the Album “Everybody Wont Make It” on Spotify below:



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