Intrinsic (a.k.a. Reed Jacobs) is a fresh, new artist out of the midwest United States. While tied closely to his roots in rap and hip-hop, Jacobs cannot and will not be limited to the boundaries of the genre. A self-proclaimed superstar in the making, and now possessing his alter-ego “Intrinsic,” Jacobs offers a unique and unexpected sampling of music, both lyrically and sonically, on his debut EP, “Exemplified.”

With some tracks falling into Trent Reznor territory, while others stay true to Jacobs’ old-school proclivities, “Exemplified” takes you to a place where rules don’t apply. Anger, sadness, humor, and more all take a mutual driver’s seat in this short-yet-punchy 5-song project. And while its reception will likely be polarized, it will certainly be memorable.


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