ISEEBLUE’s debut EP, ACOUSMATIC, is a powerhouse of sonic experiences. Bombastic, drum heavy singles like WINDOW contrast tracks like LIVING TOO FAST, a well crafted chillout anthem, and ILL GO, a jet-setting dance tune. There is no genre left uncovered and untested on this EP.

The anonymous duo have set out to build one of the most mysterious and intriguing projects of 2019. Preferring to work in the shadows and letting the music speak for itself, ISEEBLUE has already caught the eye of well regarded tastemakers like HillyDilly, Acid Stag & Dynmk.

Recently the duo performed to a virtual crowd of over 3000, at OpenPit Presents event, MineGala which featured acts like 100 Gecs, Ryan Hemsworth, and Y2K and other buzzworthy nu-pop acts.

ISEEBLUE is an anonymous artist project created by a vocalist/producer  duo. Frustrated with management and overhead preventing them from releasing the music they truly wanted to create, the two decided to combine forces and release music anonymously under a new mysterious moniker.

The name ISEEBLUE can be interpreted in a variety of ways. You could be seeing blue because you are sad, it’s raining outside, you’re starting at a blue wall, etc. The duo’s goal is to remain as dynamic as their name. The two consistent elements in ISEEBLUE are the producer and the vocalist. Each track has a completely different feel than the last, and the duo’s influences span many genres from Jazz, R&B, electronic, and internet music. Somehow, this culminates in a cohesive style and brand that can only be described as seeing blue.

ISEEBLUE has recently performed at the Calgary Stampede music festival, and MineGala alongside artists like Y2K, Ryan Hemsworth and 100 Gecs.






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