J Alston + Sirpreme – MANIFEST (EP) | @iamj_alston |

J Alston + Sirpreme

“MANIFEST” is a collaborative project by Atlanta based emerging rap star J Alston and DJ Sirpreme of Australia

While an unlikely pair, the two come together to craft a telling story into Alston’s mind. “While making this project I was in and out of a depression and my only way through it was music. No two songs display the mental state I was in more than “The Run” and “The Arsons,” said J Alston about the creative process of the project.

“MANIFEST” features just five tracks with production handled by Sirpreme. Of the five records, stands outs include “Run” and “The Arsons”. Alston is making a way for real hip hop and lyricism to become a common trend again.


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