Jackie Paladino – “Music Heals the Soul” Ft. Lucy Camp | @Jackie_Paladino |

Jackie Paladino – “Music Heals the Soul” Ft. Lucy Camp

“Music Heals the Soul” was one of the first songs I wrote following a depression-induced creative hiatus, triggered by a series of unfortunate events. I’ll refrain from going into too much detail at the moment, however, all of the trauma and chaos I had experienced within a span of a few weeks truly turned my world upside down. I felt so numb, powerless, and disconnected to any ounce of an identity or purpose, that I stopped creating art entirely and reverted to working a soul-crushing office job.

About half a year later, I met a young and hopeful rapper/producer (the same ex-boyfriend I reference in “Can You Tell Me What Love Is?”) who offered a shoulder to lean on and helped reignite my passion for music. I penned “Music Heals the Soul” on the bus to his place one day, and it was one of those rare stream of consciousness cases where the song essentially wrote itself. It represents a major turning point in my journey as an artist, as it reflects on how essential music has been to recover from prior hardships, and also acts as an unwavering affirmation that the musical and creative community is where I belong.

This realization inspired me to re-connect with other creative passions, and I was later cast as the romantic lead in a yet-to-be-released music video for Lucy Camp. Lucy and I connected over our ability to use art to heal from our innermost demons, and I asked if she would echo this sentiment as the featured rapper for the track.









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