Jackson Whalan – “Climate Chaos” (feat. Michael Wilbur) | @JacksonWhalan |



Climate Chaos (feat. Michael Wilbur)” is the first single made public off of Jackson Whalan’s next album, ‘Millennial Sound’, releasing in full on May 18th. Spotify Pre-save the ‘Millennial Sound’ album here .

I made “Climate Chaos…” with Michael Wilbur, 1/3 of the band Moon Hooch, in a garage in New Bedford, MA, right around the time that massive hurricanes were touching down on the Western hemisphere last Fall. We were thinking about climate change, and how many natural disasters it would take before our destructive human activities would stop. Climate “change” is not enough, “chaos” is a more fitting word to describe what’s happening on our planet now. We wanted ensue the rage felt from heavy metal type music, and express it with our vocals on a trap-influenced beat. Not being somewhat abrasive was not a concern. Aside from drums, the only sounds we used were from the Moog Sub 37. We created a lyrical rule: that the syllabic structure of the chorus would follow the hi-hat pattern exactly.

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