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Jagger James

A fun, campy, dexterous song with eye-catching visuals; JAGUAR JAMZ from Jagger James is all about self-actualization through metaphor and presenting the best version of yourself to the world at large

The dedicated and personable Jagger James is the hardworking everyman, who perseveres in a world set up for him to fail. He extols the virtues of following his own path, staying true to himself, and having a desire to overcome. With an urgent and impassioned delivery, he brings a boisterous energy to every track, while his soulful reminiscing paints vivid pictures of struggles past, present and future.

Jagger James debuted in November 2017 on Trillions, a collaborative mixtape with Seattle artist and fellow labelmate Sly deSilva. The mixtape, a concept record about wealth inequality and oppression, featured the hustle themed track “24/7”, which was also released as a music video. After coming out of the gate strong, Jagger now seeks to follow up by establishing himself as a solo artist with his upcoming EP, Baby Jaguar.


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