Mental Illness Is The Main Topic Of Jahn Rome’s “Superhero” Single |



Maryland emcee Jahn Rome shares a personal account of coping with a loved one’s mental distress in “Superhero” –

Mental illness is a topic that’s increasingly discussed in modern music and that’s a very good thing. Maryland’s Jahn Rome now enters this conversation with the kojo a.-produced “Superhero”. The song is a frank discussion of what it means to be supportive and a resource for someone with mental illness. The truth is that it is not necessarily about being savior from hardships, but being a presence of love and support throughout those hardships.

Jahn dissects this in his signature delivery style, combining fast lyrical delivery in his raps. With a singing voice on his hooks, he shows off duality in his talent as a musician. Combined with a perspective that challenges the status quo of what society takes for granted, Rome’s music is equal parts immediate and timeless.

When asked about the single, Jahn had this to say.

“This is one of the most personal stories I’ve written about… I think we can all appreciate that when the people we love are suffering, we can’t really fix things for them. Instead, we must make a commitment to be there for them, whether it “gets better” or not. We can’t be superheroes, but no one said we had to be.”

If you’re experiencing this pain or know someone who is, this song will help open up dialogue concerning it.