Jake Spade – The Reminder (Prod. Sammy Affer) | @iamjakespade |


It has been too long since we heard from emerging rapper Jake Spade. Today, he releases his new tune “The Reminder” on all major streaming platforms and digital store via Thanks For Nothing music collective.

The track is co-produced by Sammy Affer who, along with Spade, is a co-founding member of the Detroit-based collective.

The song is a cold reminder that if you put in work it’s only a matter of time before you reap sweet rewards. While serving up sharp bars on a hard-knocking beat, Spade is eager to let his audience know he’s an independent artist on the rise and he’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Jake Spade’s sound can be described as both raw and catchy, peppered with his unique perspective of the world around him. Jacob Jaster, better known as Jake Spade, has been creatively inclined from a young age. Enduring a tumultuous childhood, constantly moving from place to place throughout Metro Detroit, Michigan, Jake finds an escape through hip-hop music and culture. He soon realizes writing rhymes provides him the chance to channel his emotions and share his life views. He then begins writing and recording his own tracks, in his basement by age 13. Fast forward to 2014, Spade is prepared to make the jump into full time artist. He then links up with his now business partners and collaborators, Sammy and Frank Affer. In the months that followed, this group of like minded creatives, lays out the foundations for what would become the collective now known as Thanks for Nothing, along with talented visual artist Ryan Pienta and photographer Westley “Snipes” Lortz. By 2015, the soon to be Thanks For Nothing collective makes the move out to Miami, where Spade, Frank and Sammy cross paths with artist Bizzy Crook – ultimately leading Jake to co-write on Bizzy’s latest project.

Cut to 2016 and the Thanks for Nothing collective is officially born. Short on funds (THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!) but eager to continue on the music path unfolding before him, Spade and the rest of the TFN boys return to Detroit. While home, Spade begins putting in work on his solo project, as well as writing for Bizzy Crook’s latest album A Part Of Everything, and Frank Affer’s L U V S O U N Z venture. In 2017 Spade opens for Bizzy Crook in Ft.Meyers as part of Bizzy’s If You Only Knew Tour. After a trip to New York City, the TFN collective starts rubbing elbows with super producer !llmind, who has been praising their work ever since. Spade is wrapping up a few sessions and planning to release new music soon. Expect some more fire in the coming months and make sure you don’t sleep on Jake Spade.