James created OverFlow because he was fed up with the all the negative and toxic things in his life so he decided to make a change. Throughout the change and constant letting go of things that didn’t help him, he created OverFlow while meeting the producer named Ovrthro. The name of the album came about because James and Ovthro really tried to match each others energy when it came to the music. James also found out that His mother’s great grandfather used to work in the church in Jamaica and was also named James (Making James Flow the James the 3rd). A 6 month drought in Jamaica was occuring in the late 1800’s so James went to the Church in Kingston and prayed all day. 24 hours after it rained constantly for 7 days. James Flow didn’t discover this until after finishing the EP so it almost feels like the entire EP was meant to be.

“Being a artist my whole life, I had no choice but to see things differently. I used think it was selfish to take your own time as a priority over other things. I realized around 12 you gotta make time for yourself in order to enjoy your time with others. You realize, after a while you have to prioritize yourself unless you’re okay with finishing last. That’s the point of this video. You can’t complain when you finish last if you’re wasting time or not prioritizing it. People don’t have to understand your priorities, but you better make sure they respect them and your time.

“I was born in Toronto but raised in Brampton for the majority of my life. I turned 23 on the 9th of February . I’ve been passionate about music ever since I first heard “Usher – You got it bad” and started taking music very serious when I heard Biggie’s album “Ready to die”. I create all my content from scratch (songwriting, recording, sound engineering, photography, videography) and I’m passionate about creating good content.