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With their “High Definition 2” project coming soon, Jayryde and Lil Sleep Da King are as determined as ever to get up in our faces and ears

If you’re from St. Louis or it’s surrounding areas, the names Jayryde and Lil Sleep Da King should definitely ring a bell. The two first appeared together on 2013’s “High Definition”, which earned them a good amount of notoriety. Since that time and a number of releases later, Jay and Sleep once again team up to show out. With the new project and a couple of videos in rotation, we spoke with the pair about it and much more. Join us below as we formally introduce them to you in this THQ interview.


THQ: Before linking up as a unit, the both of you were solo artists. Jayryde was busy with his mixtape series, “The Phenom”. What ended up bringing you two together besides residing in the same area?

Lil Sleep Da King: We both knew who each other was from the streets, just growing up we never thought about rapping together. Jayryde had his own thing going and I did too, We just decided one day to do a Song together , And from then on we thought- Since we both Tryna make it for our city Why not Team up …And since then we just been making music.

Jayryde: We had two totally different styles and wanted to work off each other and give that versatility

Speaking of first teaming up, you guys made some noise with the “High Definition” mixtape. Not only was it a regional hit but it received a decent amount of media support, namely with blogs. Let’s take a minute and travel back to that time. What all went into crafting that project? How do you feel the new album differs from the first one?

Lil Sleep: “High Definition” was special pretty special. A lot of liquor weed and drugs went into that mixtape. Since that was our first collaborative mixtape, we had to feed off each other’s vibe . We spent hours in the studio. Just getting a chance to work off each other was a dope feeling.  But with “High Definition 2″,  we’re way more in tune wiht each other.  As time went by, we just got into a comfort zone in both the music and knowing each other. This tape is way more us.

Jayryde: We just did a bunch of songs and slapped the best ones together for the first mixtape. The difference in this project was we were in the studio with each other constantly and aimed to put out a more well rounded project.

With that first project, there was a video dropped for “M.I.A.”. The song featured CA and did a respected number of views on Youtube (35.9k). In your opinion, what characteristics do you feel makes you guys such a powerful combination?

Lil Sleep: We’re just different. We are true to ourselves. Jayryde’s better at being reserved as I’m the flashier type. I let the bars talk for me. They’ll catch you off guard.  So whenever you have two bipolar opposites, you get a great combination on most cases.

Jayryde: Exactly, we’ve got both the commercial and street aspects at play.

After some time and Jay’s “The Phenom 3”, you guys once again started mapping out what would ultimately become “High Definition 2″. Last year, we got treated to a leak from the project titled, Commas Out The Bando”. Then, in December, the official video was unleashed. It’s no secret you guys are tied into the streets and have earned it’s respect over the years. Why did you choose to issue this particular release first?

Lil Sleep: We already knew we were gonna drop “High Defintion 2”.  “Commas Out The Bando” was just the one we felt people could actually vibe off while keeping them wanting more.

Jayryde: It was also the first song we recorded for the project and we knew it was a banger.

Speaking of releases, you literally just premiered the new single and video, “Aye”. Once again, the song weighs heavy on the trap side of things while still maintaining commercial appeal. However, for this flick, we also get a red light district experience with the bedroom scene. Who directed the video and what inspired it’s direction?

Jayryde: Film Lord directed the flick and we was just on some raw trap shit for this one.

Lil Sleep: The bedroom scene was something we did to be different . I mentioned to Film Lord during the shooting that I wanted a red room with two girls. All the while this is going down in the trap house, who wouldn’t thought? Damn, let me look at this video on more time! (Laughs)

With two singles and matching videos now in rotation, what’s up next as far as the new mixtape is concerned? On that note, when can we expect “High Definition 2” to arrive?

Jayryde:  We’ve got a flick for “She Like To Dance” ready for release. We’re gonna surprise the streets with the mixtape!

Lil Sleep: We’ve also got another video to shoot at the end of the month  for “Lit” but expect the mixtape to drop mid-summer, with a video for every song.

As with any new music, we can expect the artist(s) to possibly be performing or having a release party of sorts. What do you have planned in regards to this? Can we expect a possible mini tour in the not so distant future?

Jayryde: We’re trying to set up a tour as we speak and touch the whole U.S.

For anyone interested in hearing any of your past material or to stay updated on announcements such as with the project, where can viewers locate you at online?

Lil Sleep: IG /Twitter/ Soudcloud :Lilsleepdaking

Jayryde: Just Google Jayryde or head over to

Jayryde and Lil Sleep, it’s been a thrill having you join us for the interview segment. At this time, we’d like to have you provide some last words before getting the folks back to their regularly scheduled programs.

Lil Sleep: Stay tuned in if you’re a fan of good music. Keep a eye out for us; we talk that shit and talk what we live. We’re doing all this for St. Louis and #AlreadyRich 

Jayryde: Make sure to go watch “Aye” and keep an eye out for “She Like To Dance”. Most importantly, watch out for HD2 to drop. 

Two men with common goals in mind. Those goals are to put on for St. Louis, rep for the streets and create quality material with each and every release. THQ would like to thank Jay and Sleep once again for chatting with us and offering up some great insight into their past and present works. Stay tuned for new releases to come and make sure to follow both of the fellas via social media.


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