Listen Up As JBdaPilot & BJ The Chicago Kid Speak About Life “These Days” | @JBdaPilot |



These Days, JBdaPilot is living it up. To celebrate the come up, he links with BJ The Chicago Kid to present a joyful, Bub Ruth-produced club banger –

Virginia Beach native, JBdaPilot, climbed the ranks as an emerging rap artist and songwriter who found his musical calling as a college student on the campus of the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg. Driven by his love for music, the aspiring artist began experimenting with different musical sounds. This lead to a keen interest in instrumentation in which he learned how to play keyboard, drums, saxophone and trumpet. Now, as he delivers an arsenal of hits, the talented artist is bound for hip-hop greatness as his career continues to unfold one lyrical bar at a time.

Not constrained by any of the common rap sub-genres like Backpack, Conscious or Gangster, JBdaPilot has created his own style. Blended together from his personality, life in Virginia Beach and tales from his days in corporate America, JBdaPilot’s style is distinct and easy to connect with.

“These Days”, produced by Bub Ruth, is a first hand account of JB’s newly acquired lifestyle. The single also carries a great feature in BJ The Chicago Kid.

When asked about “These Days”, this is what JB had to say:

“It’s the first official release leading up to my project. I felt it was important to give people an update on where I was musically. That and the changes I’ve made in my personal life. These days, things are just a little bit different for me.”