“Love Is Dead” and Jen Awad has a firm grip on the smoking gun – @JENAWADMUSIC


Jen Awad

Jen Awad has a voice that penetrates the soul itself and with her first single of 2018, she’s got her had on a smoking gun and fast on the run in the emotionally driven, “Love Is Dead” –

It’s been one year now since Los Angeles-based singer Jen Awad released her dark disco/indie pop debut EP, “Champagne Confessional”. Now, with more of an Amy Winehouse/Tina Turner approach, Jen delivers the multi-genre workings of “Love Is Dead”. The song is one of four Awad wrote over the course of a rough July breakup. Not only does she handle the songwriting and composition for the single, she also plays vox and the piano on this bluesy little ditty.

Cello and bass come from Torin Wright, Matt Wheeler mans the drums, Jacques Mouledoux slaps the guitar and Matt Brown seals the deal with his saxophone prowess. Along with the release of “Love Is Dead”, an announcement was also made of an upcoming official video for it to follow very soon. Allow Jen Awad’s powerful, blues driven sound to penetrate your heart, making it skip a beat or two and stay tuned for more music from the highly talented songwriter.