Jens Mueller – 18XK01 (Original Mix) | @DJ_JensMueller |

German Techno star Jens Mueller is back with a brand new 2-track EP titled 18XK01. The title song of this EP is what all Techno tracks should be, high tempo, dark and industrial. This heavy-duty club tune has lots of eerie sound effects and a repetitive melody that lingers in the brain before the Techno-y goodness kicks back in.


18XL02 is another dark, high tempo production but this one offers much more of a beat shift creating lots of small productions into one big tune. Jens has cleverly arranged for different elements to drop in and out whilst keeping the essence of the main musicality.


Jens has been behind the decks lighting up dance floors since 1994 and has played sets at some of Europe’s most prestigious events such as Love Parade and USB Festival. Jens Mueller has been producing music for as long as he can remember, he draws inspiration from the likes of Chris Liebing, DJ Rush, Andreas Kraemer and Steve Stoll.


Jens has released ‘18XK01’ with Ukrainian Techno label Finder Records


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