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The Viennese trio called Jeremy Pascal have sunk their way into our hearts with their vibrant and catchy sound, and they now return with the heartrending track, “Butterfly” – an autobiographical account of lead singer Tino Romana.

“Butterfly” is an honest narrative of co-dependency and addiction. While being angry in the most cathartic way, “Butterfly” details Romana’s struggles from paranoia to apathy. Through laying out a lifetime of pain & struggles in just shy of 2 minutes, “Butterfly” is a dynamic force.

Romana explains,”‘Butterfly’ is an account of Jeremy struggling to keep his life in order, as he is way too deep in a co-dependent relationship that was built on the pains of addiction & dealing drugs – ‘take a couple of hits, nosebleeds are my business.’ Jeremy and his girl try to stay clean, but every time one of them gets weak, they end up pulling the other person down with them – ‘I bring the money, you bring the drugs. Tell me again how I’m all that you got.’

Immersed in a world of violence, depression and the fear, Jeremy buries himself into a state of apathy and self loathing – ‘lying in bed, hands tied to my face, tell me all the things that you hate about me.’ He’s built a wall around his emotions as he tries as hard as he can to get out of this toxic environment, yet all the while feeling guilty for leaving the people he loves behind.”

It’s not often you find music that resonates on a mental, physical, and spiritual level, but Jeremy Pascal have delivered. “Butterfly” follows the release of recent releases “Heart Scars” and “Good Drugs,” which have garnered the attention of tastemakers and fans alike.


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