Kurtis Blow once said that hip hop is the dominant youth culture in the world, which remains true to this day. Knowledge, the 5th element of hip hop, is passed on to the young and thus keeping the culture alive. This little lady makes it no exception.

Hip-Hop’s newest addition to the culture comes in a small size, but with a huge passion for success. New York’s Jesselleeeee is a dancer, actress, artist and most importantly, she is a voice for the “Anti-Bullying Movement “. This young lady’s debut single, “Movin,” has a unique style that pays homage to the past, banging out that Chubb Rock beat, while imbuing the future with a style and energy never before seen.

Jesselleeeee’s goals are larger than being a superstar artist, the best dancer, or the latest fad. Jesselleeeee aims to be a leader of change and a voice for the youth, especially speaking for those being bullied.

“Movin” is available for streaming and download on these digital platforms.


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