JFilt (Justified From Instilled Life Teachings) – “SynthBump” | @jfilt |


JayJay Johnson better known as JFilt (Justified From Instilled Life Teachings) is the embodiment of musical passion, peace and positive energy. He just released a new single entitled SynthBump from his latest beat tape project called Knodville 3 which is the third installment of a series geared for the instrumental head nodders. This single is similar to the feel of the ever growing style of lo-fi hip-hop.

The multi-instrumentalist based in Atlanta, GA is mainly known for his innovative YouTube videos on his channel where he tirelessly gives inspiration and tips for fellow beat makers. His love and passion to help others is translated through his beats which has been described as a gumbo of boom-bap, lofi, electronic space funk, with a touch of jazzy soulful sickness. Along with being a youtuber, he’s also a sound designer, teacher, and author of 5 eBooks geared toward helping fellow beat makers and producers elevate to the next level.

Spotify Link – http://bit.ly/JFiltSpotify


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