Jo$e Rivera Ft Mickey Factz & Creole Devine – “Memory Lane” | @realjoserivera |

Memory Lane

Take a trip down “Memory Lane” with Atlanta’s Jo$e Rivera as he is joined by Mickey Factz and singer, Creole Devine –

Just like the rose that grew from a crack in concrete, Jo$e Rivera has thrived despite all the obstacles he faced. Instead of crumbling under pressure, he evolved –using all of his challenges as a motive to succeed, push forward, and accomplish all of his goals. The southern based rapper of Panamanian descent, has a laid-back sound and a feel good vibe. He’s driven to makes music that his friends would respect and that he could always enjoy.

For his latest presentation he combines rhymes with Mickey Factz and pairs them with the vocal styling of Creole Devine as they embark on a trip down “Memory Lane”. The song tells a personal story of Jo$e’s mother and her short comings of being a great parent. Even through all the feelings, he realizes he is still blessed to have been raised by his grandmother and aunt. Through their guidance and teachings, he’s proud to be able share his story with others and help them persevere through there personal relationships. Take a trip down “Memory Lane” below.