Today marks the release date for London hip-hop artist John Hectic’s new music video, accompanying his new single ‘Do it Like We Do’. With the hit single already blowing up on Spotify, the video’s raunchy visuals, and a titch of suave lyrics such as “I’m baddest than the baddest, stay fly and flyer than the flyest”, it’s safe to say John Hectic is already taking the UK Hip-Hop scene by storm.

‘‘Effort’, ‘Creative’, ‘Initiates Character’, might be the acronyms for such a word as “Hectic”, however, the Cuban born, London raised John Hectic of today is now set to show the UK Hip- Hop scene just how much more he’s got to give. With strong determination from a young age, the rapper and music producer not only has the urban music scene in the palm of his hand, but a line of streetwear merchandise for his ‘Deal Wiv It’ brand and as a two time BEFFTA nominated MC, John Hectic is well on his way to proving ambition equals success.

John’s hit new single video ‘Do It Like We Do’ ft. Major Mac and Chuka Royalty, features John Hectic, Major Mac, Chuka Royalty and friends at their penthouse suite. As their evening unfolds we get a glimpse at the ultimate games night; Monopoly, Grey Goose, beautiful ladies and a serving of champagne on cereal for breakfast the next morning.

Following his debut album ‘Deal Wiv It 2’, ‘Do it Like We Do’ provides a catchy upbeat chorus- proving impossible to forget with a mix of witty rhymes and thought-provoking lyrics. Coming through as not only the perfect Hip/Hop track for the biggest night out, but what is set to be an even bigger year for the likes of John Hectic.


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