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Ever pull an all nighter? “No Sleep” is a track about exactly that, staying up all night. But not the up all night cramming for a test or working hard on your dreams kind, we are talking about the up all night partying with your homies getting up to no good kind. Jim Jones calls it that “Vamp-Life” but Johnny Word prefers to call it more like it is, straight-up being a zombie, hence the artwork. “I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve pulled enough all nighters in my day, getting drunk and high with my friends, but these days its like an epidemic everyone seems to be on something, like all the time, its all over mainstream Hip-Hop. Its all anyone ever talks about: Molly, Lean, Xannys whatever. I just don’t even know how you would function like that feeling like a zombie all the time” Johnny Word says.

Prod. J Caspersen
Mixed. Merker Music

Johnny Word┬áJohnny Word was raised and still resides in East-Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. A five hour drive from “the 6”. Passionate about hip-hop from an early age, Johnny began writing and recording on his fathers karaoke stereo around the age of 13. Free-styling in parks and back alleys late into the night and performing at local fairs and high-school talent shows. Johnny was perfecting his craft.

But at some point he got discouraged, although he never stopped writing and recording, Johnny admits he never really had the courage to pursue his music as a career full on. Making tracks with his free time while other, “more realistic” goals were perused. After 2 years of University, a whole lot of late nights, hustling and odd part-time jobs and Johnny finally settled in as a Roofing Contractor at the age of 22.

Johnny had slowly built a successful contracting company with 3 trucks and 12 employees. But his hunger got the best of him and in the winter of 2015, he took a big contract from a large condo corporation, who took advantage of the size of his business, withholding and tying up his payments until he went bankrupt.

After loosing everything he owned and had worked for Johnny was at his wits end. “When my trucks got repossessed, that was when it became real for me, the bills had been piling up, but those trucks where a symbol of my success. It took a while but I had to realize that there was more to life. I realized life is too short and unpredictable not to follow your dreams.”