Jonah Wright, formerly known as Buzzer, is a world-class performer. He has worked to perfect his rap skills since he was eight years old and despite his young age, has long been recognized for his double-tempo improvised rap. He has refined his craft at a rapid pace and has now created a unique, definitive sound that only he can deliver with such a high level of energy. Jonah Wright is one of the most promising Danish artists, with great international potential. His authentic delivery and raw passion can draw out a flow of emotion in anyone. Whether it’s the heaviest of bangers or his soft acoustic joints, you can always sense Jonah Wright’s presence. He is a true master of the stage and creates a vibrant and authentic experience that resonates with the crowd. You always know how Jonah Wright feels. He never hides anything and he never compromises his expression.


Today marks the release of Jonah Wright’s single, Brave. A song you can’t possibly sit still to. A song that makes you want to scream a long to the chorus and jump around in a moshpit. A song that makes you forget your problems and throw your middle finger up high.  As soon as Brave blasts out of the speakers, you are thrown into Jonah Wright’s provocative and uncompromising world of crooked thoughts and questions. Brave shows the rapper’s versatility with sharp flows and catchy autotune phrasing. His technical ability leaves no doubt as to the many years of skill and development of his talent. With a confident progression and a world-class live performance, Jonah Wright is a superior and yet underrated player in Denmark’s rap game.



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