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Young Danish talents Jonah Wright and Hakami, who have recently debuted, follow up with a seductive late-summer joint with international potential

Dive In You is an energetic R&B inspired song spun with sexual undertones and catchy melodies. Jonah Wright and Hakami have recently released their debut projects and have increasingly developed a dedicated fan base on the Danish music scene. Now they are following up with an urban tune with the potential to hit dance floors worldwide. Dive In You is dedicated to the spontaneous and seductive, yet dangerous flirt.

Dive In You makes you thirsty. Thirsty for bright summer skies and midnight skinny-dipping. The production makes the temperature rise as Jonah Wright’s playful and cheeky vocals lie side by side with seductive Afrobeat rhythms and the sound of a Caribbean marimba. The verse is followed by Hakami’s youthful and vulnerable voice that blends elegantly into the chorus and takes you for a swim in the blue. The duo 2020 & SNDY are behind the production with a compelling bounce that captures the expression of the lyrics. Jonah Wright and Hakami’s “innocent” puns and erotic metaphors truly make the bed flow.

Dive In You is produced and published by the Copenhagen-based indie label Affiliated, where both Jonah Wright and Hakami are signed.


With his debut EP Diagnosed, released this spring, the young artist Jonah Wright has over 100,000 streams and has gained a dedicated fan base in Scandinavia. Jonah Wright brings the sound of the American charts to Denmark and adds a Nordic spice to the mix in his collaboration with producers 2020 & SNDY. Together, they have created a unique vibe of commercial Trap / Hip Hop beats, complimented by catchy hooks and seductive flows.

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