Jamaican-Canadian singer, rapper, activist, conference speaker, poet, and cancer survivor, Jonathan Emile has released “Moses,” the second single video from his upcoming album Spaces-in-Between (January 24th – MindPeaceLove / Tuff Gong International). Emile simultaneously premiered the official video with Caribbean music, arts, and culture hub, LargeUp, who referred to the cinematic clip as “moving” and “poignant.”
Built upon a simple chord structure, “Moses” was written as a folk gospel, country-influenced hymn. Accompanied only by the strum of his acoustic guitar and a melancholic harmonica refrain, Jonathan’s emotive vocals stand out, as he asks listeners to meditate on life-changing, faith shaking moments.
“The song is ultimately a plea for guidance, and clarity,” said Emile of the song’s lyrical content. He continued, “in these days and times, we’ve been led on by so many false prophets, and we’re experiencing global shifts that shake our faith. The concept of a ‘Moses’ is not about a single person, but about a unifying dream of humanity and solidarity. I used a central figure of all Abrahamic religions to suggest simply that we are more alike than we are different.”
Directed by Jonathan Tremblay, the “Moses” video depicts a moving portrait of youth in Jonathan Emile’s ancestral home of Jamaica. Director of Photography Martin Bouchard conjured the essence of the song with captivating imagery. “JT & Martin intuitively understood the emotion and intention of the song… but our conversations went deeper — from discussing symbolism of water cleansing, baptism, and re-birth, to Søren Kierkegaard’s concept of leap of faith, to Harriet Tubman & Dr. King and to Jean-Paul Sartre and de Beauvoir,” offered Emile.
Jonathan Emile’s debut album The Lover/Figher Document featured guest vocalists like Kendrick Lamar, Murs, and Buckshot. Spaces-in-Between finds Jonathan exploring dub, reggae, and dancehall. The debut single “Savanna,” produced by Canadian singer-songwriter Paul Cargnello, was released earlier this year.
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